Black beach +2 great waterfalls + Glacier lagoon - Jökulsárlón

The tour starts with pickup from your hotel. Our first stop is Seljalandsfoss. A great waterfall and you can walk behind it. ca 30min stop.

Next is Skógafoss. Waterfall with option to walk on the top. Ca 30 min

 Next is Black Beach in Vík (Reynisfjara). Here its ca 305min. Beware of the tides. They are sneaky and if you fall into the ocean, you cannot swim away. Its not like the beaches in Spain. 

Now we drive over the magnificent sands of the south and next is Jökulsárlón/Glacier lagoon. Here the icebergs breaks from Vatnjajökull Glacier and floats in the large lagoon, before they break up to smaller and floats to the sea. Diamond beach is also there. Here we stop for 1 hour. 

Then back to your hotel. Duration ca 10 to 12hours. It depends if Im picking you up from the hotel in Reykjavik or the south. Remark: the drive back is constant 4 to 5 hours without any stop except gas station for WC.

Price  € 1300